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Tom Cruise:Your wife called last night. She said “Come over love. No one’s home.”

David Beckham:*Smiles* (like a gentleman)

Tom Cruise: I rushed immediately.

David Beckham: And?

Tom Cruise:She aint a liar for sure. No one was home.

David Beckham:Thank God Harry Redknapp aint around mate. I hate hanging around with Tom, Dick and Harry. 3’s a crowd anyway.Such a pain in the arse you know mate.

Tom Cruise: Thats hard. You know the difference between hard and light?

David Beckham: Nay

Tom Cruise: You can sleep with the light on.

David Beckham: So we are finally starring together for that blockbuster sequel of yours.

Tom Cruise: Hush Hush!! Its a secret……

Click Image to Find out what movie Tom and Dave Beckham star together.

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