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In a latest development in the early hours of the day today, a teenaged girl was arrested for alleged indecent exposure and flashing at under-age kids who were enjoying a game of football. Later she was believed to have run away with the kids’ football to instigate them further. The girl was then escorted away by the city police for reprimand amidst heated protests. She was dressed in just a pair of shorts exposing her bare, developing, upper torso.

However it was later revealed that the Police department was in for a rude shock when the girl under arrest was identified as none other than Teen Sensation, Justin Bieber. The City Police and the group of boys at the beach have reportedly apologized for the goof-up. A city based dramatics association has been deeply moved by the pain of the child star and has voluntarily donated a few of their props including fake beard and moustache to the teenstar, so that he may be mistaken for a man in his disguise the next time.
about the pic
Bieber is reported to have joined a training program to gain muscles and beef his body post this incident. Click on the pic to find out.