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Maria Shriver has revealed that as if 1 Arnold Schwarzanegger and his woes were not enough, she had to put up with at least 12 different personalities of Arnold all conflicting with each other for┬ádominance. Arnold was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and he has terrorized neighbours and close friends with his changing personalities(from the lonely Rastafarian to Conan) and their mannerisms, keeping people guessing every time he was sighted as to who they would be confronting. Doctors have finally claimed to have assimilated the collection of all the personalities residing in Arnold Schwarzanegger.(Click each pic to get an exclusive entry into Arnold’s personalities)

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Ok I really think he crossed the line with Mr.Freeze. I can very well imagine the horror and trauma of Maria Shriver at coming home from a busy day to find Mr.Freeze on the couch puffing away on a Grass joint.


Maria did take an awfully long time to realize that Pumping Iron was not the only pumping happening at Gold Gym. Apparently ”Legs” seemed to be the word for this work-out party.Guv, you sure seem to be spreading the word well. (Click the pic to spread the word with Arnold)

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