Food For Thought

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Fun
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Hola Senorita & Bon Jour Monsieur!!

We’ve been away for some time, but I was mighty glad to see the love people have been showering on us on the World Wide Web. So I thought maybe I should reciprocate a little love back. In these fast times, an aspect people tend to neglect or overlook mostly despite its magnanimosity, is Health and Food habits. And this especially goes out for all the working youth, the Corporate honcho as well as the figure conscious, pretty receptionist. Everyday just spare a few seconds of your time while you log onto your Facebook account and get simple, never-known-before Tips ‘n’ Tricks on food for a healthier lifestyle. Also get amazing recipes with mind blowing protein quotient and no junk value for spicing up lazy weekend afternoons with some lip smacking adventure.

I cant go on further. I have to stop. Or it’ll be like giving away the climax of Farrelli Bros. suspense thriller that you’ve been waiting to catch this weekend. Just click on the image to  get your daily dose of Food For Thought or follow the link below.We’ve put in some good volumes of effort to bring this out, so don’t mince your words when you need to let us know if we have been worth your time, OR NOT.


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