The Football FactFile: Joga Bonito.And You Thought There Were No Surprises In Football

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Fun, Hot !
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1) If Arsenal fans are called Gunners,Tottenham fans are called Spurs, what would you be called if you were a Stoke City fan? Click for Answer

2)Who are the richest landlords in United Kingdom? Click for Answer

3)Which Prolific International captain is married to former  Miss Ireland contestant Claudine Palmer and started his career at 17 with the Wolverhampton Wanderers? Click for Answer

4)Which jewel footballer was diagnosed for Growth Hormone Deficiency in his early childhood almost nipping his football career at the bud? Click for Answer

5)Which present EPL footballer has represented 3 of the major EPL giants including Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, amongst 6 other EPL teams that he has payed for? Click for Answer

6)Which English footballer would have made his debut for the City first-team in November 2002 against Middlesbrough, had he not lost his shirt after leaving it on the substitutes bench at half-time? Click for Answer

7)Which are the only 2 pairs of clubs in the world which are arch rivals in their Football League, having a fiery past involving fan clashes, which have the same sponsor? Click for Answer

8)Which Football Club Supporters are popularly referred as “Sweaty” ? Click for Answer

9)Which legendary football star has been roped in as the coach of  UAE club “Al Wasl” ? Click for Answer

10)Which prolific Latin American striker was accidentally scalded with boiling water as a child, which caused third-degree burns and kept him hospitalised in intensive care for nearly two months?He refused an offer from his then club to have them cosmetically improved, saying that the scars were a part of who he was in the past and who he is today. Click for Answer

11)And a Teaser for ’em Pommies.You oughta kick yourself if ye dont know this.Which footballer who was a part of the ‘Crazy Gang’ Wimbeldon team that won the 1988 FA Cup Final against Liverpool, arguably the club’s greatest achievement, also played for Chelsea & Leeds, represented Wales earning 7 caps, appeared in the 7th and final series of UK gameshow Celebrity Big Brother and is now a recognized full fledged actor in Hollywood. Click for Answer


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