The Pugilist in Paris

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Fun

Some couples are so obvious. Its like they were born to be paired with each other. Gabe Carimi and Civil Engineering, David Beckham and Football, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Arnold Schwarznegger and his muscles. So it is not much of a shock to see Arnold judging a bodybuilding competition or David Beckham attending the Laureus Sport’s Awards Night or even Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology. However not many of us know of a certain someone who self admittedly gorged up on a regular dose of Rocky Balboa in her younger days and has always had a secret crush for all pugilists and the sport itself.
about the pic

The other night Manny Pacquiao, our very own Filipino boxer was in for quite a pleasant surprise, when he found none other than Paris Hilton rooting for him in his bout against Mosely. Paris was even overheard introspecting Manny’s upper jab and left hook, finding room for improvement in his shots. Unfortunately she could’nt get much up, close and personal with the star pugilist as wife Jinke was not to be left far behind.

Click on the picture to find out what Manny Pacquiao’s reccommended training program for all serious athletes and bodybuilders.


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