30 years too early:What actually killed Osama?

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

The mystery around Osama Bin Laden continues to shroud the world as we remain intrigued by his sudden extermination at the hands of US special forces in his hideout. We bring to light the real story behind Osama’s death, unpublished photographs of what is the actual cause of his death.

In his quest for power Osama made sneak peek 30 years into the future in his magic crystal ball and uploaded all the information on his I-pad. When the device opened, Osama was greeted by a picture of his biggest rival in popularity, 30 years  from now. Such was the impact that Osama is said to have shot himself in the head to avoid “Baby Baby Baby ooohhh!!!” , 30 years later in a hoarse, masculine supplement boosted voice.

So who is Osama’s biggest rival 30 years from now. Click on the picture below to find out…….

about the pic


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