Absolutely Shocking it would be. Wouldnt it,, if Messi were to play for Brasil wearing the No. 10 jersey and Cristiano Ronaldo were to play for Argentina no. 7. Thankfully you need not be as shocked when you want to change your network provider but want to hold on to the same number. Now change your Telecom Service Provider without changing your number. Switching loyalties has never been easier for the common man.

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Ronnie + Diego

So The EURO is almost knocking on our doors and with today’s post we start the celebrating the biggest Europen spectacle of football. Here is our path breaking effort by commemorating and paying tribute to 2 of the greatest legends of International Football, World Cup winners for their nation, Ronaldinho & Diego Maradona.

Hola Senorita & Bon Jour Monsieur!!

We’ve been away for some time, but I was mighty glad to see the love people have been showering on us on the World Wide Web. So I thought maybe I should reciprocate a little love back. In these fast times, an aspect people tend to neglect or overlook mostly despite its magnanimosity, is Health and Food habits. And this especially goes out for all the working youth, the Corporate honcho as well as the figure conscious, pretty receptionist. Everyday just spare a few seconds of your time while you log onto your Facebook account and get simple, never-known-before Tips ‘n’ Tricks on food for a healthier lifestyle. Also get amazing recipes with mind blowing protein quotient and no junk value for spicing up lazy weekend afternoons with some lip smacking adventure.

I cant go on further. I have to stop. Or it’ll be like giving away the climax of Farrelli Bros. suspense thriller that you’ve been waiting to catch this weekend. Just click on the image to  get your daily dose of Food For Thought or follow the link below.We’ve put in some good volumes of effort to bring this out, so don’t mince your words when you need to let us know if we have been worth your time, OR NOT.

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A Young Harry. He started showing some symptoms straight from his diaper days.

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How his folks usually appeared to be for Harry after he came home from his “hanging-out” sessions in the projects.

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Harry’s favorite vendor at High School.Now we all know why Harry took High School very seriously, for reasons obviously misinterpreted, eg.”HIGH” School. I heard Pete Doherty,Kate Moss and Jack Black are all alumni of the same school.

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Harry’s Imaginary Friend Super Hero.Thats where he got all his stuff from, according to him.For all you know, might just have been his dealer at a Fancy Dress Party.

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A matured Harry, uh,well…. not really. Well this is the last seen of Harry and it seems he hasn’t lost his creative sense of imagination under influence.

For those who arent really convinced read on, and for those who would like to move on, uninspired by Harry, just click on his Pothead.

Tacoma,WA- At the end of his speech Tuesday urging legalization of marijuana, a 17-year-old Peninsula High School student pulled out a joint, lit it and smoked away. Then he ate the remains.

For that he got a quick escort to the school office and then a ride to Remann Hall juvenile jail.

The stunt was frowned on, to say the least, by law-enforcement officers and district administrators.”

We don’t know his name, mainly because the school doesn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention. The student presented an argument urging the legalization of pot, and to be even more persuasive and i guess to prove a point, he smoked. In front of people. It takes a very smart person, or a very stupid person to come to that conclusion.

While I believe that such a tactic is rather… immature, he does prove a point. In American society there is something called the Cannabis Closet, where it’s extremely taboo if you smoke pot, like it, and hold a responsible job and life. This 17 yr old is passionate, and I really commend him for having such a strong drive, but would that have the same effect if it were a 30 year old? At a stock broker job? As a doctor?

17 year olds are meant to be stupid. It’s why we tend to blow them off when they do stuff like this. But what if it were a Mayor of a city, handing out Joints on the steps of city hall?

That’s what happened in 2002.

“Openly defying the federal government, a host of Santa Cruz officials stood witness Tuesday as medical marijuana advocates distributed cannabis products in the courtyard of Santa Cruz City Hall.
As street musicians performed in the background and an unmarked green helicopter hovered persistently overhead, the mayor and five of six City Council members, three former mayors and the city’s representative on the county Board of Supervisors joined with an estimated 1,000 citizens to show support for medical pot.” – SF Chronicle

So before you blow off this as some teenage stunt, consider the facts. A student, smoked pot in front of a classroom of students, ate the joint. This was met with surprise and applause. He was then transported to the principal’s office, then was arrested by two Officers, who took him to Juvie.

So, for about $10 worth of pot, the city of Tacoma spent unknown amounts of money sending cops out, arresting him, driving him to Juvie, and then booking him. With no evidence of illegal possession. If they choose to pursue it, it would be taken to court (pot on campus is a big no-no), thus spending even more time, and money, to prosecute a kid, who by the way, ATE the joint. He didn’t even get high.

As for the Cannabis Closet, I feel like if there is a place to start, it’s now. I am following in Will Wilkinson, a research fellow at the Cato Institute‘s footsteps: My name is Yilen Pan, I smoke pot, and I like it.

Justin is super delighted.Well we dont really know if its because of his 6 packs he’s flaunting


If its because he is still reminiscent those special moments spent with his Homiez !!
But you can click his 6 packs to FIND OUT. We’d rather assume his happiness is attributed to his muscles.
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If Britney can do it with Maddona, why not me?  Homiez 1st, GOMEZ laters…

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Justin finds himself too much too resist. His 1st PDA…Well,almost!!

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Shocking Revelations from Chelsea stalwart and defensive pillar ahead of the transfer season.
Exclusive EPL stories from the locker room and a phsychiatrist’s first hand account of football player’s on-field psychology.

Click the pic & read it all!!

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1) If Arsenal fans are called Gunners,Tottenham fans are called Spurs, what would you be called if you were a Stoke City fan? Click for Answer

2)Who are the richest landlords in United Kingdom? Click for Answer

3)Which Prolific International captain is married to former  Miss Ireland contestant Claudine Palmer and started his career at 17 with the Wolverhampton Wanderers? Click for Answer

4)Which jewel footballer was diagnosed for Growth Hormone Deficiency in his early childhood almost nipping his football career at the bud? Click for Answer

5)Which present EPL footballer has represented 3 of the major EPL giants including Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, amongst 6 other EPL teams that he has payed for? Click for Answer

6)Which English footballer would have made his debut for the City first-team in November 2002 against Middlesbrough, had he not lost his shirt after leaving it on the substitutes bench at half-time? Click for Answer

7)Which are the only 2 pairs of clubs in the world which are arch rivals in their Football League, having a fiery past involving fan clashes, which have the same sponsor? Click for Answer

8)Which Football Club Supporters are popularly referred as “Sweaty” ? Click for Answer

9)Which legendary football star has been roped in as the coach of  UAE club “Al Wasl” ? Click for Answer

10)Which prolific Latin American striker was accidentally scalded with boiling water as a child, which caused third-degree burns and kept him hospitalised in intensive care for nearly two months?He refused an offer from his then club to have them cosmetically improved, saying that the scars were a part of who he was in the past and who he is today. Click for Answer

11)And a Teaser for ’em Pommies.You oughta kick yourself if ye dont know this.Which footballer who was a part of the ‘Crazy Gang’ Wimbeldon team that won the 1988 FA Cup Final against Liverpool, arguably the club’s greatest achievement, also played for Chelsea & Leeds, represented Wales earning 7 caps, appeared in the 7th and final series of UK gameshow Celebrity Big Brother and is now a recognized full fledged actor in Hollywood. Click for Answer

1) Stoke City fans are called Potters. You guessed it right on!! Go ye Potters.

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2)Robbie Fowler and Harry Redknapp.And you thought they were only good at Football. Gotcha!!

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3)Robbie Keane, Who Else? You weren’t thinking of some English bloke were you?

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4)Leo Messi. Come to think of it, if  he were born in England, he would be rejected straight away. God Save The Queen. Now you know why England hasn’t won a single World Cup since ’66.
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5)Nicholas Anelka,The Veteran Stalwart & Goal Machine. Played for Arsenal,Liverpool,Manchester City,Chelsea,Bolton Wanderers among other clubs in the English Premier League.
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6)Joey Barton, well not how you exactly imagined him to be.Youre mistaken mate if you think you can coax me to put up a smart ass comment about him.I dont wanna end up a la Jamie Tandy.
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7)No not Mel Gibson mate!! Celtics and Rangers from the SPL are both sponsored by Carling Beers.

Erstwhile in India,two rival clubs,one,Mohun Bagan FC with the reputation of becoming the first native club to thwart the ruling British sponsored team to lift the IFA shield, are both sponsored by United Breweries.All 11 players of that team played barefeet against fully equipped Britons. The name of the clubs are Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, reportedly a migrants representative club in Calcutta,India.
Revelling, The Sporting Revolution!!
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8)If youse Celtic, youse definitely a SWEATY mate.
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9)Diego Maradona. God himself!! Did I just see you biting yourself!!
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10) Carlos Tevez,The Wonder Kid with The Magic Touch. We love Tevez!!
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11)Vinnie Jones, it is.I have a Hollywood star autograph in case you guessed it correct.
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Jimmy Greaves once said “Well, stone me! We’ve had cocaine, bribery and Arsenal scoring two goals at home. But just when you thought there were truly no surprises left in football, Vinnie Jones turns out to be an international player!”

In one notorious incident, Jones was photographed grabbing Paul Gascoigne by his testicles in order to faze him.

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The secret to a good life sans’ the deadly sins.

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(Click the pic to find how the actor prepared for the role)